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Can SEO be the Solution you’re looking for in getting new business?

More and More people these days are looking for something in their town, local business are turning to the internet, not using yellow pages, newspaper or TV because they know that they are saturated with advertisements. Its not cost effective for a small business to get an ad with one of these places because it will end up being a waste. Targeted ADs will always prevail over non targeted ads in what customers are looking for and in the money spent in acquisition of the new customer to the business. Most people now go to the computer and search what they are looking for.

Search engine ranking services are all about getting your website to a top of Google® search placement in the main search engines for the most important keywords that will draw customers to your business. Search engine marketing (Seo): Website positioning is the process of increasing the number  visitors that come to a company’s web-site from Yahoo® and Google®, Bing® and other search engines.

Knowing what is working and what’s not and how to get the best return on your marketing investments is just good business. With modern technology, it is possible to measure results and know which marketing investments are creating profitable returns.

Very simply, if you have a local business, it is the process of optimizing your website to be found when someone searches locally for services they are in need of.  This is not Paid Search Advertising (PPC), but rather getting your website ranked organically in the main search engines. The benefit of getting ranked organically is much more cost effective then Paid Search.  It is important to consider local search optimization and to be ranked organically (positioned on the left side of the screen) as 70% of people will ignore paid ads.

The idea is to capture the market by  taking advantage of the location of you site, and to get it in front of as many people as possible. The opportunity to capitalize by having your business website optimized, will help you show up for. The more customers you get coming to you, the less your competitor does.

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