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Getting on maps is a huge factor for any Local Business. Google, Yahoo and Bing have updated their search to be more local friendly. Even social media platforms such as Facebook have joined in on providing local search. The mapping technology provided by Google and others is very effective for the businesses as it is an easy way to portray one’s presence online and with the directions and locations provided by the service, finding a business is relatively easy and quick. In addition to the directions and locations, it provides a whole lot more including hours of operation, what services are provided, images, videos and reviews to let others know what you have already accomplished. Small businesses are always on the lookout for inexpensive methods of advertising and marketing their businesses. Most small business owners however, are still unaware that one of the best services that they should be using is Google Maps, part of the Google Local Business Center.

Unfortunately, getting a listing to appear is oftentimes nearly impossible. Kings Mobile Marketing has the knowledge and formula to have a listing show up and be at the top of the placement.

Local Map Solutions

Local Map Solutions

Getting listed with Google Maps, helps small businesses in making them known to prospective customers, that are on the lookout for specific type of businesses located within a specific geographical location. This makes it very targeted for customers looking for what you have to offer. Getting in the maps is a very cost effective way to get new and repeat customers, as opposed to getting a commercial on TV, an Ad in the local Newspaper, radio advertisment, and many more.

When people type in their search which could be based on the type of business, driving distance, location or a starting address, Google Maps returns a list of seven of the businesses that they feel fulfill the criteria mentioned in the search (see below for an example). The graphical map with a colorful red marker appears along with the information. The concept in having this kind of marketing added to your business today is essential to growth of the business. and elude most business owners on how to capitalize an online presence. Check out info on how Local SEO can help!

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